50 things to do in Leadville:


1) Hike a Fourteener! There are many 14ners within a hour drive of Leadville, including the tallest and second tallest mountains in the state!

2) Ride/Run/Ski the Mineral Belt Trail! A great 13-mile paved trail goes around the whole town and is groomed for x-country skiing in the winter. You can rent bikes in the summer and x-country skis in the winter from local shops.

3) Visit the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum and learn about Leadville’s mining history and geology.

4) In the winter go skiing at the local Ski-Cooper resort or visit Copper Mountain and Vail Resort, all within a 30-minute drive from town.

5) Go fishing! We are at the headwaters of the Arkansas River, so there many streams to try and a lot of trout to catch.

6) Go shopping! The downtown area in Leadville offers a variety of shops that sell antiques, clothing, outdoor gear, art made by local artists and etc.

7) Take a boat down the river! There are several outfitters in the area that offer whitewater rafting and kayaking adventures down the Arkansas River.

8) In the warmer months take a ride on the Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad (just a block from the Hostel!).

9) Hiking, Hiking, Hiking! ¾ of Lake County where Leadville is located is public land, so there are numerous hikes in the area for all levels of ability! Hike to the top of a mountain or visit a beautiful alpine lake. It’s all right here in our backyard!

10) Come see Boom Days! Every August the town of Leadville celebrates it’s rich history with a weekend-long festival. Come see the great parade, watch or participate in the many competitions staged, and enjoy the street fair.

11) Take a snowmobile or an ATV for a ride on the trails for a different view of the area!

12) Play some golf at the Mt.Massive Golf Course, the highest golf course in America!

13) Visit the historic Tabor Opera House!

14) Visit the Rock Hut and get yourself a vial of gold!

15) Take a walk around town and look at all of the beautiful Victorian houses around!

16) Get some dinner at Quincy’s Steakhouse!

17) Start a snowball fight with some friends; there is plenty of snow to go around here in the winter!

18) Visit The Mule Kick and get some vintage clothing!

19) Take lots of pictures of the mountains. It’s a great view here no matter which way you look!

20) Explore the Mining District on the East side of town.

21) Eat at the best and highest pizza shop around- High Mountain Pies!

22) Enjoy a drink of Leadville’s delicious, pure and cold water. You have to hydrate plenty at this altitude!

23) Go ice-skating at the Ice Rink made on the tennis courts!

24) Come watch the SkiJoring Event in March right in the Leadville downtown area!

25) Shop/Sell at Community Threads, the local consignments shop!

26) Talk to a local character… there are plenty!

27) Try your luck at Ice Fishing on Turquoise and Twin Lakes!

28) See the vibrant colors of aspens in the Fall!

29) Read ALL the signs at the Leadville Hostel!

30) Watch or participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

31) Stop by and admire the historic Delaware Hotel in downtown Leadville.

32) Section hike the Colorado and/or the Continental Divide Trails that go through our mountains!

33) Rent a canoe or a kayak and go around the Twin Lakes Reservoir!

34) Take a zip line tour at the Top of the Rockies Zip Line!

35) Visit the House with the Eye Museum in Leadville.

36) Tube down Dutch Henri Hill!

37) Get a sun tan, but don’t forget to put on plenty of sunscreen!

38) Become the Silver King or Queen!

39) Visit the Leomyka Art Gallery downtown!

40) Listen to Wild Bill spin his tall tales… all of which are true of course!

41) Visit the historic Healy House.

42) Ski to and from and enjoy a restful night at one of the 10th Mountain Huts!

43) Go Rock Climbing at Cecil Rock or Independence Pass!

44) Ride the single track on the East side of town, you can go straight from the Hostel’s front door!

45) Visit and take a tour of the second oldest Fish Hatchery in the Nation!

46) Take a swim in Turquoise Lake! It’ll be chilly but worth it!

47) Get delicious dinner and some local brews at Tennessee Pass Café!

48) Play Frisbee Golf at the local course.

49) Run the Leadville Marathon or the Heavy Half In June!

50) Spend an adventurous night at the Leadville Hostel!